Making and Printing Cheap Business Cards Online

Step By Step – Making and Printing Business Cards

First Step – Designing a Business Card: Thinking about making and printing business cards cheap and fast? Maybe you think these are too many requirements. But we are here to tell you a few solutions to get printed business cards fast and cheap, as quick and fast a possible.

By the image above, therefore, you can have a feel where we are going for this article… We consider online apps as the easiest way of making business cards designs for cheap. Take advantage of hundreds of design apps online, and then, create your own business cards within minutes.

These applications are available for APP (Mac smartphones) as well as Android smartphones. Download, Install and use any of this application to create a great business card design or just modify any of the pre-designed templates loaded within the application. If you want to go PRO with the business card design. Then you should start looking toward some nice design applications like PhotoImpact of Photoshop. These are professional, yet, easy to use application that is available online for download into regular windows, mac or any smartphone device.

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Basic Steps for Making Business Cards Design Parameters

To build a business card, there are a few details that we need to take into consideration. One of them is the size. The business cards are offered in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. For the business card shapes, we find Standard, Square, Circle, Oval, Leaf, Slim, Half-Circle, Folded. For paper stock we find: Glossy, Uncoated, Matte, Recycled, NewMagnet, Triple – Layered Trifecta, Black, Red, Pearl, Green, consequently, NewBlue. And for the size we got 2″ x 3.5″ – Standard, 2.17″ x 3.35″ – European, 1.75″ x 3.5″ , after that, – Slim, 1.75″ x 3″, 2″ x 3″.

We would recommend discarding 99 percent of all of the options mentioned above. Just go for the premium style business card offered for cheap at any online business card printer provider. This involves the standard size 3.5″ x 2″ with standard thick paper “14pt cover with UV Coat” and square or rounded corner shape.

Now that you have the size for the card. Now you must look online, after that, for possible business card designs. This way you will get an idea on which way to go to build your design successfully.

Bleed Printing

bleed and no bleed design sample
bleed and no bleed design sample

Printing a business card with bleed (ink all over to the edge of the card) is nothing new. This is a style used for decades in the printing industry. The printer will not actually print the paper all the way to the edge, instead, they will print your card with an extra border and then cut it. This will create the bleed effect people love to see in all sort of printing. The white border could look good sometimes, but not always. Remember this at the time of building your design.

A background image with lines and splitting colors are often used to divide the design. If your design already shows a line split of color, after that, an extra white border (none bleed) will not look as good for your card. In this case, make sure your design goes all the way to the edge.

possible business card design style

Business Card Design Style

There are many different styles of approach for your business card project. We will mention a few: Professional, Modern, Simple, Unique, Graphic Designer, among others. You could do a little google search for more details on how they look.

Usually, simplicity is always the best choice to create an easy to read and good to look design layout. Remember to include just essential information onto your card. Unnecessary data like a social network and others might be saved for the backside of the card or just not be used at all.

The backside of the business card should be reserved for none essential information. Logos, as well as, translucent images, related images or even a phrase for optimisms could be used on the backside. Keep all important data in the front.

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