How to Deal with Printing in Dark Backgrounds?

Printing in Dark Backgrounds

 Printing in Dark backgrounds can sometimes get challenging. A white surface will easily display any color. But if you have a job that needs you to print in dark backgrounds, you need to follow certain etiquettes. The most common of all etiquettes is that dark colors will not fit well in a dark-colored surface. But this does not make dark backgrounds useless. Although black and white is no longer the choice for leading brands and business in marketing, the color black is still important. It is important to make a brand stand out from the rest.

When things get common, they tend to get very monotonous. Therefore, change is very important. At the same time in marketing, the craze of thinking out of the box is growing. So when you see advertisements printed in light themed background, the one in black will always steal your glance. You may or may not like the campaign but the overall dark getup will make it stand out.

If you are in the printing industry, you will come across various projects that require to be printed in a dark background. A dark background is not always necessarily black. It could also be brown, deep green or deep blue. So depending on the project, you have to deal with the printings carefully.

Why People want black backgrounds?

The printed flyers and pamphlets that you get frequently in hand mostly come in light themes. Most of them are already boring and people do not want to read. No matter how creatively you design the color copy, sometimes the background will not take its side. Moreover, leaflets with a white or yellow background and black text are very common. Sometimes people often confuse these documents with legal documents.

In order to design a flyer to stand out from the rest, black backgrounds can sometimes be more attractive. With a dark background of your choice, you can decorate with light creative patterns. Add images to make it more appealing and mention the business details in attractive and creative fonts.

Benefits of Printing in Dark Backgrounds

People will not choose a dark background easily. It could be an advertising campaign, a simple movie poster, an announcement or even a notice. No matter what it may be, but a dark background will always remain the last choice for most people. Indeed, a dark background may not fit well with every business. But there are always creative ways of trying it out. Moreover, dark colors can give you a better opportunity of playing with color contrasts. Here are the benefits of dark backgrounds mentioned below.

Easily eye-catching

The human brain will use different colors to identify the traits of a particular product or service. Black itself is a bold color and often associated with aristocratic classes. It is easy to catch attention with this color and the best to make anything stand out from a light background. The dark background may not directly communicate about the business to the clients. But it can easily bring them close to the printed campaign. A dark background can easily influence the buyer on how they feel or think about the product.

More option for contrasts

When you design a poster in black, you can easily play with contrasts. Based on the color psychology, you can choose a unique color combination and use it on the poster. When you get the design printed in hand, you can see the difference easily. These contrasts are more clear and vivid when printed. Some color contrast that does not go well in the light background works well with the dark ones.

A Modern Color

Black is commonly known as a modern and cool color. It easily keeps up with the latest trends. Additionally, it also signifies power. Hence, it could be a great fit for the brands that want to associate them with these terms.

Makes a lasting Impact

Dark backgrounds can also make a lasting impact. For example, brown is often associated with trust. The other terms you can associate with brown are reliable, old-fashioned, masculine, warm and natural. These colors can impact the minds of customers directly.

It is not harsh

Dark backgrounds are gentle to your eyes. Therefore, it affects the human brain directly. But the color is not as harsh as red. It is calm and you can take your own time to understand the business from the campaign.

What affects the Print Quality in Dark Background?

When printing in black, always take special care. It may look easy, but a small mistake can cost you a lot. Before you choose a dark background make sure the colors match with your brand standards. For example, if you are not a well-established business try to remain simple with your campaigns. An extra bold campaign, in the beginning, will make a negative impact on people’s minds. Some factors that affect the print quality in dark themes are:

The paper type

It is important to understand that the output of black print on glossy paper will be different from a matte paper. This is particularly more important with dark backgrounds. A marketing campaign will fail if you don’t choose the right type of paper type. It’s because a glossy paper interprets a different meaning than a matte paper. When you need to print on a dark background make sure to choose the right paper type.

The paper quality

This is common for any printing job. No matter what the background is the paper quality is the final factor to determine the print output. Bad paper quality will easily ruin the print and smudge the ink colors within the print. The paper will not be able to absorb the ink efficiently.

Time to dry

Printing dark themes on white paper is common. But giving the print out sufficient time to dry is very important. Since the print out is filled with ink, including the color black in the background, the entire paper needs time to settle and dry. Avoid putting your hand on the printed surface immediately after printing.

Print Using Dark Paper/Canvas

Printing on white paper is slightly different from that of a dark paper. You must consider the fact that some printing methods will use white ink as part of the printing process. When using a black paper, use ink that will remain thick enough. The thick ink will not easily get dissolved onto the paper. If the ink dissolves, it will disappear easily.

Offset printers can perform these types of printing jobs easily. In times when you need to print in posters, flyers or brochures in dark background, offset printers are always the best. Once the printing work is completed, these prints look excellent.

Printing in Low Quantities

Printing in bulk quantities is easy with the help of offset printers. But what if you need the prints in low quantities? In this case, approaching an offset printer is inappropriate. If you need to print small units of pens, canvas, and T-shirts, you can use old school screen printing method. Here you can apply the ink manually with the help of a pre-perforated screen. These work to place the ink in exact locations.

Dealing with Real Dark Backgrounds

white ink for dark paper
white ink for dark paper

The term real signifies the dark backgrounds that you can commonly see around. These do not have anything to do with printing. Have you noticed the different chalkboards used in restaurants to put up the special meals of the day? Well, this is just another way of attracting customers’ attention. The concept is very common and works well too. It is very economical and easy to manage.

All you need to do is write the items using chalk and once done, erase it. It involves no extra cost. You need to spend a very minimal amount for the white and colored chalks. People often treat these boards as a normal way of informing people. But if you can add creativity in these blackboards it could be a good way of promotion through chalkboard ad.

Where to buy Dark Paper/Canvas Printing?

Generally, it is not very difficult to get a dark paper or canvas for printing. But always remember to choose it from the best store so that you get a good paper quality. A good store will help you to get the paper of different sizes and at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can also find papers in colors other than black and white. To get the best quality paper you can visit the nearest Office Depot store. You can also get it online from sellers like Amazon and eBay. Here you can not only buy papers but find black background chalkboards too. However, you need to purchase the chalks separately.

One problem you could face online is the tangibility. You cannot understand the texture of the paper or chalkboard. Buying online can be cheaper. So if you are sure about the paper texture and quality, you can go ahead and purchase it online. This way you can get the exact item you need for your project.

Solutions to write on Black Background Surfaces

There are different types of black surfaces. Not every surface will support a particular ink type or chalk. One quick solution to write something on a dark-colored surface is a pen corrector. This will more or less work on any type of surface and is durable too. Moreover, it is also possible to remove the ink later with proper care.

Is a black Chalkboard waterproof?

It depends on the material whether the chalkboard is waterproof or not. Depending on where you have placed the advertisement and the type of material used for the chalkboard, the quality will vary. Different materials come with separate textures and resistance to natural conditions. Hence to understand the material well, read its specifications further.

Printing Image on Black Backgrounds

When printing an image on a black background, use bright colors to separate the image from the background. You can add a border to the text or image so that it does not merge with the dark background. It is a good idea to add shadows and bevel effects. These work collaboratively to create a produce great design on black background. It will be appealing to the customer’s eyes immediately.

With the help of Photoshop or illustrator, it is possible to create great designs on a dark background. You can easily experiment with different background colors using layers. Otherwise, you can simply create your design on a black background. Make sure to use appropriate color contrasts so that the design gets easier for customers to understand. These days you can worry less about the print outputs. It’s because the advanced printers can work efficiently to give the best outputs. The next time you think of avoiding the black color, consider the numerous benefits it has in marketing.

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